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Wireless for sound – the verdict

My wireless BackBeat headset in groovy lime green

My wireless BackBeat headset in groovy lime green

I have never been crazy about running with headphones. TBH I like to get away from everything when I’m out for a run, and do exciting things like work out my tax return in my head while pounding along, rather than listening to Eye of the Tiger (joke). However in the run up to the Hackney Half Marathon some nice PR lady from Plantronics sent me these for a trial, so I have been using them with a funky playlist of my favourite tracks…

After a week’s use, here are the pros and the cons, three of each.  Read More…

Goal Orientated


This is to inspire myself. This is me last year. Having done the Finchley 20, a masochistic race run by (largely) men in singlets. Nobody is in fancy dress. Nobody is there cheering by the wayside. It’s a great race though, because it is devoid of the above, so it is just about running. Read More…

Why I run – some amazing shots here

This rather jolly film has just been released. Its by the people at Mizuno whose shoes I don’t wear (but I have a hat by them), so its not a promotion (by me anyway). But it shows runners in action in the countryside. I particularly like the stuff about ‘running in all weathers’ which is MOST appropriate for anyone who’s been training, er, recently. Read More…

The Great Wall of China Marathon


So, it came. The dreaded day. May 19 2012 and the Great Wall of China Marathon had to be done. 700 of us including me, Ben Warner and Christian Alibert from Islington lined up in the Yin Yang Square on the Wall. It was tough. First 3 miles uphill, then onto the Wall, charge along THAT for a while, along 2100 steps, then a 16 mile saunter through the dusty Chinese countryside, in and out of orchards, villages, up two monster hills, through a building site or two and over some rivers. Read More…

Always so good when you stop


Yes, running. It’s OK, doing it, but there is nothing quite like seeing that Finish sign up above. This is a pic of me about two hours after the monster that is the Finchley20, basically a hardcore race run round a 5-mile lap on the roads of sunny North West London. It’s been going since 1933 and is addictive. Read More…

Hurdles we invent for ourselves


My locker key at the gym. Not so very exciting. But the key represents the fact that I have a) got to the gym and b) have got changed and have therefore c) fulfilled my aim to work out on that particular day. Which is a small triumph. Read More…

The challenge facing my new shoes


These arrived today. Yes! My New Nike LunarGlide 3s.  I ran 12 miles in my old LunarGlide 2s on Sunday and am worried they are so dead that I have a shin splint…so these have come in on time, but will I be able to run a half marathon in them on Sunday? All will be discovered tomorrow morning on my little practise run. It’s ridiculous but runners are SO fussy about their shoes, and secondly about their legs. Read More…

Getting new running shoes


So, four months before the Great Wall of China marathon I’m changing my running shoes. I’m going todo the Watford Half in them next Sunday but they are really dead. The only thing about this – and all you runners out there will know this – that changing your running shoes is a weird business. The new ones have to be EXACTLY the same. Even more with these, because these tired looking shoes have been amazing.

Read More…

Perfect running accessory


These are just PERFECT. My new running gloves… warm, but not sweat-inducing, light as a feather, nicely luminous for those dark mornings (I don’t do twilight runs) and a total bargain, costing around a tenner at Lillywhites.

The best bit about them however is the back! Take a look at this! The person who designed this must be a runner. A little pouch for your front door key… now if they only had one too for those sugary snacks that would be great.


Post run analysis


Yes, well it is quite a long way. But as long as you can put off the one side of your brain which is going STOP! STOP! by amusing it with looking at the crowd and working out whether that person beside the crash barrier. Read More…