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Don’t worry, be happy

Last week I interviewed Michael Mosley, who is a self confessed grump, for the Radio Times, about a new series in which he tries to stop being a pessimist and start being a bit more positive. The interview is in the Radio Times this week (cover story actually, she says modestly!) but in case you have inexplicably lost your copy, here are the top tips he gives for all round optimism….
  Dos and Don’ts for a happier mindset, by Dr Michael Mosley Read More…

Why Britain fell in love with Damien Hirst


Yes, Britain. The country which almost had a national crisis over the ‘Tate Bricks’, and thought anyone who liked art was insufferably ‘posh’. Suddenly, in the mid-1990s, contemporary art was king and the Tate Modern its new palace. Read More…

In Los Angeles with Lisa Kudrow

So here I am in LA interviewing Lisa Kudrow about her role as exec.producer of Who Do You Think You Are (US) and her pioneering show on the internet Web Therapy. Which is hilarious. She’s very smart! And quite serious. No swearing in her presence, anyway. I liked her. What I really liked about her is that she didn’t hire hair and makeup for her picture (the piece is for the FT Magazine). She got $1 million per EPISODE of the last two series of Friends yet she’s not turned into a paranoid celebrity.

Sex in Paris

Just interviewed my old friend Christian who I was amazed to learn is part of a sort of sexual revolution sweeping France – or at least, the urban parts – the Libertinage – if you are Libertin, you enjoy getting it on with other couples, essentially. No nonsense about fidelity, er, betrayal, er, monogamy or come to think of it, divorce either. He’s so open about it. Probably because I also learned his parents were swingers in Wimbledon (where we all grew up) in the 1970′s. Steady on! You can read about it in the Standard, Wednesday 7th July.

Rosie Trying to Speak French on TV

The kids sabotage the filming (off stage). See how annoyed Mr Millard gets!