Always so good when you stop


Yes, running. It’s OK, doing it, but there is nothing quite like seeing that Finish sign up above. This is a pic of me about two hours after the monster that is the Finchley20, basically a hardcore race run round a 5-mile lap on the roads of sunny North West London. It’s been going since 1933 and is addictive.I was overtaken by a woman called Julie from the Wimbledon Windmilers, who had been pacing me all the way round. She beat me by 6 seconds. Apparently I had beaten her by the same two years ago, and she was determined to win this time. We hugged about it on the finish line clasping our medals. We also got a free bottle of Lucozade each.

That’s it; a medal, a hug from Julie and a bottle of Lucozade. Will I do the Finchley20 again? Probably.

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