The Great Wall of China Marathon


So, it came. The dreaded day. May 19 2012 and the Great Wall of China Marathon had to be done. 700 of us including me, Ben Warner and Christian Alibert from Islington lined up in the Yin Yang Square on the Wall. It was tough. First 3 miles uphill, then onto the Wall, charge along THAT for a while, along 2100 steps, then a 16 mile saunter through the dusty Chinese countryside, in and out of orchards, villages, up two monster hills, through a building site or two and over some rivers. Then BACK up onto the Wall, but the other way round, again 2100 steps and an almost vertical ‘Goat track’.  Three miles down, back into Yin Yang square for the triumphant face you see here. 119 people didn’t finish. Christian, Ben and I all did. Never again. I mean it.

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