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Why Bear Grylls is sensible in giving his small son a penknife

My small son  up a ladder. Risky? Undoubtedly.

My small son up a ladder. Risky? Undoubtedly.

I too once gave my small son a penknife; children should get used to risk. And I’m fully on Bear’s side. No matter that he is an old Etonian. To my mind, he is an inspirational figure. Read More…

Women beware women


How many feminists does it take to relaunch a magazine? None, it seems. I was excited when I heard that the radical feminist magazine Spare Rib was going to be relaunched with the respected journalist Charlotte Raven at the helm. Not just as a magazine, either, but also as a ‘campaigning grassroots movement’, which presumably means a website and digital sharing etc, all impossible back in the 70’s when Rosie Boycott and Marsha Rowe had their big idea. Read More…

Millionaire Tastes


This is the extraordinary flower arrangement at the villa of Princess Hetti, who married Arndt von Bohm, the sole heir to the Krups steel fortune. She and Arndt were given a palace outside Marrakech which was Party Central during the Sixties and Seventies…Hetti was wont to wander around the garden the morning after her fancy dos, finding the likes of Andy Warhol still lying amid the palm trees. It is a complete confection of Austro-Hungarian oil paintings, Moroccan decor and, er, kitsch (white unicorns, spouting horses on fountains etc). It’s now looked after by a dear housekeeper who brought us mint tea and cakes as Only You played softly in the garden. It can be yours for 3.5 million Euros.