Goal Orientated


This is to inspire myself. This is me last year. Having done the Finchley 20, a masochistic race run by (largely) men in singlets. Nobody is in fancy dress. Nobody is there cheering by the wayside. It’s a great race though, because it is devoid of the above, so it is just about running.You do the Finchley 20 as preparation for a big marathon. London, say,or Paris. Well, all marathons are big, because they are all the same length, which is VERY LONG. You don’t do the Finchley 20 if you aren’t training.

This is the problem. If you don’t sign up for a marathon, you don’t train. Or I don’t, anyway. This time last year I was training for the Great Wall of China Marathon. This year…I’m going to sign up for Berlin. Have to. Otherwise I won’t run. This, I think, is known as the tail wagging the dog. Or the shoe kicking the runner. Or the medal…oh you know.


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