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Me & Will Gompertz riffing on Hull




If you click on the above link you will hear BBC arts editor Will Gompertz on his new Five Live arts show Heat Map, during which he invited people to discuss the City of Culture….it gets quite heated and the notion of Gompertz drawing attention to a crisp packet outside St Paul’s is mentioned.

Lively though, which is what arts chat should ALWAYS be, it was a pleasure to be asked on. And no, I’m not going to be taking my clothes off for Spencer Tunick, as the subsequent coverage in the Hull Daily Mail explains….

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What Not to Wear


And so to Round Two Thousand of the debate about what us ladies should wear on screen. Or not. It’s the sports reporters at Sky, this time, being lambasted for being too glamorous.
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Why Camping is Worth it


Here I am on Radio 4′s BH programme extolling the joys of camping in the rain with your children. And singing Leonard Cohen around the campfire at night.

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The Romance of Manchester Airport


Here he is, the lovely Tony Livesey himself, on his eponymous Five Live show at Terminal 2 in Manchester Airport. We’re all sitting with him, that is me, Simon Calder from the Indy and Jeremy Spake from Airport fame. Read More…

Pushy Parent

So I’ve just done a radio thing on Radio Ulster discussing just how pushy I am with my children and how I forced them to go around the world eating iguana and singing the Marseillaise just because I wanted to….

Rosie Trying to Speak French on TV

The kids sabotage the filming (off stage). See how annoyed Mr Millard gets!