Getting new running shoes


So, four months before the Great Wall of China marathon I’m changing my running shoes. I’m going todo the Watford Half in them next Sunday but they are really dead. The only thing about this – and all you runners out there will know this – that changing your running shoes is a weird business. The new ones have to be EXACTLY the same. Even more with these, because these tired looking shoes have been amazing.

They are Nike LunarGlide2 and I bought them almost on a whim, having run for years in Nike Air Zooms. The Air Zooms made my feet ache for about 10 minutes after 4 miles – I thought that was just my feet but when I moved onto LunarGlides! Wow! No ache. Ever. Ever. No blisters. Nothing. Just amazing running shoes.

So this week I went on a search for NEW LunarGlides. It was quite hard. Because Nike, in its wisdom, has now brought out the LunarGlide3. What does one do? Should you progress, like Nike, onto the next number? Should you stay with what makes you happy? I went to Runner’s Need and couldn’t decide, so came out with these (see picture below), which will help me next week in Watford’s hilly terrain. Then I continued on my search for LunarGlides.


Sport Direct was totally rubbish, although good value, with hopeless staff who really were completely off the pace. So in the end I went direct to Nike and have bought a pair of LunarGlide3 online. Bright blue. I think you can buy running shoes online if you absolutely know your size and style that you want. You can do the old wedding dress trick, and try on the ideal in the shop, only to replicate at your leisure at home. But frankly if you are a runner like I am, hopelessly loyal to one brand, I don’t think you can go wrong. And remember to change them after 500 miles!


The other thing I will definitely be wearing next weekend at Watford will be these; I’m all prepared for the snow!

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