Post run analysis


Yes, well it is quite a long way. But as long as you can put off the one side of your brain which is going STOP! STOP! by amusing it with looking at the crowd and working out whether that person beside the crash barrier.


Is your old boyfriend from university, or not, or with shouting at nutty pedestrians who want to cross the road RIGHT in front of you, you will be fine. Just let your legs do the work. And your arms a bit of pumping. And lo, after 1 hour and something you will round the corner by the Albert Memorial and see the lovely finish line swaying in the middle distance. Is there any sight so lovely as that of a Finish Line? After running for an hour and something? There is not.


Frankly, I think its a pretty hard toss up between a new born baby and the end of business in a long distance run. Honestly, I don’t want to be a martyr here,  but both involve significant amounts of PAIN and have taken a long time to build up to. This one involved a few members of the family, too. Spot the thoroughly bored daughter standing beside me in this picture. I sympathise with her. It is a real pain, watching runners. You have to stand there for hours, wave maniacally for 2 seconds and, er,  that’s it. My son Gabriel kept darting out , braving death by Nike running shoe,  in order to take some shots on his/my new Nokia N8 camera.


Some examples here. They show off everyone looking rather wonderful and also the gorgeous autumnal day which we had.

The person who won this did it in 1.22

Everyone had a great time. I suppose I must discount the poor chap who fainted in front of me 100 metres before the end, but I think even he was OK after a bit. He reminded me of Michael Crawford in that Seventies Michael Winner classic movie The Games. Except we was only doing half the work.  My legs are still killing me however.

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