Day Seven at Last!

What shall I do tomorrow? Go and spend £6 on a coffe and muffin at my favourite cafe? Go to the gym? Read the New Yorker? All of the above? Having been denied all of them for the past seven days, I feel like going on a bender. It’s been very difficult to stick to my weekly budget of £34.17, and I have to admit I have been something of a tart, accepting drinks and a few evenings out with pathetic gratitude. I also think the State Pension itself could do with a bit more thought; means testing must be brought in, and how can people in their 30′s be made to understand that in the great scheme of things they probably will not be run over by a bus, might live much longer than their own grandparents, and so will have to perhaps deal with years stretching ahead on a very tight budget.

All these thoughts crowded my mind as I made my vegetable soup or went to the library for the tenth time in the week. On a positive side, however, there are stacks of freebies to take advantage of, if you have the energy, and a pensioner’s programme ranging from Line Dancing to Anger Managment speaks volumes about the average pensioner these days – basically, foxy and rather stroppy.

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