Why Paris just looks better

I know Le Monde has just described it as ‘Un musee/ville’, which is hardly complimentary, but where else can you run up the main boulevard BEFORE DAWN and find uniformed road men sweeping and washing the pavement, as I did up the Champs Elysees last week? Compared to the rabbit’s hutch that is Oxford Street, the centre of Paris just makes London look hideous, dirty and naff by contrast.  Giant Tricoleurs everywhere, looking stylish, not hideously nationalistic, plus style, delicious food, need I go on?
Paris just knocks London for six, even though our capital is now crowned as nightlife Emperor of Europe.Tis my view, and I know it is hopelessly rose-tinted with romantic associations which began when I was 16 and taken by my parents for a few days. My most vivid memory was seeing a man in the flat opposite our B&B, ironing his socks stark naked. It all went from there.

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