Seven days has never seemed so Long

And its not over yet. What can I tell you about today? Only that I needed to buy the children some shoes…get a birthday present for a friend…buy a friends’ book which she had just written…have a cup of coffee…and so on, and so forth. All of which I had to hand over to my husband to fund. Which left me with a nice day travelling gratis around London on public transport and visiting the Imperial War Museum which of course is also free. Not the temporary show, however, so we couldnt do that. And one of the children had to be evicted bodily from the shop because he wanted me to buy this, and that, and had a major tantrum when said treats were denied him. (They would have been denied him anyway but my project gave me greater impetus). The other thing was that I met up with a friend – like me, in her mid-40′s – who said that she suffers sleepless nights over the fact she has no pension. I think I may have added to her insomnia. Bon soir.

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