It all depends whether you are alone

I think if you are a pensioner on your own, its jolly difficult. By the end of the week I have been longing to go out and socialise. And I have a husband here, and as we all know, lovin’ is free, is it not. But if you are solitary, then having £34.17 only is jolly difficult. I mean, you can’t even buy your mate lunch, or take someone out for a drink. I’m going to the cinema tonight for a bit of socialising, knowing that it was my last bit of money I was blowing, but hoping that my loaf of bread, veg soup and bit of stew will last me until Sunday when I hit the high time with roast Sunday lunch at my mother’s. Visiting family on a Sunday has been done since time immemorial by pensioners so this is quite within the rules, is it not?

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