Why don’t we rethink pensions

Well I now have about a tenner to last me until Sunday. It’s OK because I have lots of veg and a stew, but what if something untoward happens? Not a disaster, because the state will (hopefully) pick up the bill if that is the case, but just a little event. Today I smashed a teapot, for example. So that was £6 to buy a new one from a dirt-cheap shop (although it pours like a dream and I love it already). I forgot my packed lunch today and had to fork out 2 quid for a sandwich at SubWay. It was hideous, tiny and involved ONE rectangle of processed cheese. For Two Quid!!My radical thoughts about the state pension is this: I don’t know if they are means tested, but I suspect they are not (too much paperwork). But it is a nonsense. For a pensioner rich with assets, property, no mortgage and so on, getting the state pension every week is a nonsense. Yet for those who only have it to live off, as we have ALL found, its just not enough money. Why dont the rich lot forego their pensions so the poor lot can have top-ups. Just a thought, because I think living on the bare minimum each week, SubWay sandwiches and the rest, is not really living. Its a misery.

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