Yes! I’ve had some proper food and wine

Hoorah. Just when I was desparing of never having anything to eat but pumpkin soup on my budget, along comes a friendly award ceremony. The Grierson Documentary Award, to be precise. Hosted by Andrew Marr with lots of amazing films, interesting people and yes! delicious supper. Plus bubble. Very good indeed.Have spent only £10 in total of my budget now, on vegetables and a bit of very cheap meat (mutton) which I have converted into a delicious stew with a bit of water, a tin of tomatoes and an onion. That’ll do me for tomorrow. I’m going to have a swim in the morning, which will be free. I did the family online shop today at Sainsbury’s and spent £112 in about two minutes. Made me realise how much harder it is to have such a strict budget. Sounds obvious but you don’t know until you try.

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