26 miles no worries

Well, not really. Indeed, I’ve been a bit sniffy about blogs in the past. You have to forgive me. I grew up in the era of platform boots the FIRST time round. Anyway, I’ve swapped trendy footgear for trainers right now as I am in the depths of marathon training which is GRIM.. Never, never again, I chant to myself as I speed around the delightful terrain of Islington in the early hours of the morning. Never again. If you’d like to sponsor me – I’m running for Help the Hospices – please do You can sponsor me on my own   – but frankly I am NOT going to become one of these running obsessives. I’m obsessive about quite a few other things, however. What are those, I hear you all cry…well… being a perfect parent…being a GOOD writer… learning how to play the piano…getting on with my parents…not arguing too much with Mr Millard…the list COULD go on, but won’t as I now have to put my various offspring to bed. Later!

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