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Here’s what we think of the grumblers

Martin and me on Radio Humberside, New Year’s Day

Here’s our view on some tired hacks who tried to criticise people for, er, carousing in the streets of Hull over NEW YEAR, as expressed on the Breakfast Show on Radio Humberside. Fun, eh?!

This picture is of a seal in the Humber. wild-eyed-seal

Hull now incredibly up itself



Hilarious from the Daily Mash. Pitch Perfect. Thanks to C of C Trustee Sameera Anwar West for spotting!

BECOMING the UK’s City of Culture has caused everyone in Hull to become a snooty intellectual, it has emerged.  Residents of the northern city are immersing themselves in highbrow literature, classical music and theatre while feeling smug and superior about it.

 Teenager Wayne Hayes said: “I used to drive around playing happy hardcore in my modified Nissan Micra, but I’ve started putting on Mahler symphonies and tutting at people in tracksuits. “Tonight I’m hanging round the park with my mates but instead of drinking cider until we puke, we’re putting on a challenging interpretation of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Builder Roy Hobbs said: “I was in Wetherspoons for the poetry recital and it was so packed I missed half The Wasteland while I was ordering a bottle of Merlot. The Arts Council really should do something.

“Hopefully it’ll be quieter at the weekend when me and the lads try the Heston Blumenthal tasting menu before going on to the multiplex for the Truffaut retrospective.”

Mum-of-two Donna Sheridan said: “I can’t get the kids off their easels ever since they discovered impressionist painting, so the Playstation 4 was a total waste of money.

“I’ve made a rule that they can have two hours of discussing the plays of David Mamet every night then it’s off to bed.”


The Today programme from Hull on the eve of 2017

To hear me, Chris Hees and Alan Johnson MP chatting to Mishal Husain go to 8.52 am. Whole programme is great however! Hull is the first city to ever ‘guest edit’ a seasonal edition of the Today programme. WP_20150713_003

My postcard from Hull


Why abandoning History of Art is a crime


Gary Kemp, me, Jeremy Deller in front of Deller’s work at the British Pavilion. Deller’s entire show used analysis of history of art esp W.Morris

Imagine being told you will never be given the chance to study the works of Charles Dickens at school. Because learning about Victorian literature is ‘soft’, overtly ‘specialist’ and not relevant. Actually, not just Victorian literature. Read More…

Sunday’s run #RunTheCapital!


WP_20160706_001 1

My running number for the British 10 K. I did 10K this morning, took me 52 minutes but I did stop to a) look at some fuschia and b) avoid being run over on Liverpool Road so let’s hope I might do it in under 50 mins on Sunday… I’m going for a ParkRun tomorrow morning (5k remember) which I usually do in about 23 mins so it should be possible. Looking forward to seeing the turnout on Sunday. I’m assuming it won’t be TOTALLY full of very thin muscly looking running club runners (pace Hull Marathon) and instead will feature smiley people in costumes. We’ll see. Having just interviewed Mary Decker, who got a World Record for 5k (15.08) I should probably think about upping my game!


Celebrity run! with food!


So my training for the Vitality British 10K run on July 10 in central London has just been boosted by news that I’m doing a training run with OLYMPIC athlete Perri Shakes Drayton along the Thames. Followed by eating RAW FOOD at Rawligion, a restaurant which saves on cooking costs by not doing any. Plus the news that my friend Colin Hancock is coming over from AFRICA to do the 10K with me. All of which is v.exciting except when a mate of mine ran with marathon legend Haile Gebrselassie he was so brilliant that he (the mate) felt like giving up. NEVER.

Me & Will Gompertz riffing on Hull




If you click on the above link you will hear BBC arts editor Will Gompertz on his new Five Live arts show Heat Map, during which he invited people to discuss the City of Culture….it gets quite heated and the notion of Gompertz drawing attention to a crisp packet outside St Paul’s is mentioned.

Lively though, which is what arts chat should ALWAYS be, it was a pleasure to be asked on. And no, I’m not going to be taking my clothes off for Spencer Tunick, as the subsequent coverage in the Hull Daily Mail explains….

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What is the point of a ‘race season’?

When you are an amateur runner, in other words someone who does a bit of training and likes to run regularly, but for no real other point, what is the point of having a ‘race season’?  I mean, I’m never going to WIN any of these races, neither am I sponsored by anyone, neither am I in a running club. Yet every year I enter about four or five races, usually ending in a marathon.

Here I am in Berlin.

Berlin finisher

This is a very risky and dangerous activity. But it’s probably worth it.

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