Sunday’s run #RunTheCapital!


WP_20160706_001 1

My running number for the British 10 K. I did 10K this morning, took me 52 minutes but I did stop to a) look at some fuschia and b) avoid being run over on Liverpool Road so let’s hope I might do it in under 50 mins on Sunday… I’m going for a ParkRun tomorrow morning (5k remember) which I usually do in about 23 mins so it should be possible. Looking forward to seeing the turnout on Sunday. I’m assuming it won’t be TOTALLY full of very thin muscly looking running club runners (pace Hull Marathon) and instead will feature smiley people in costumes. We’ll see. Having just interviewed Mary Decker, who got a World Record for 5k (15.08) I should probably think about upping my game!


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