Don’t worry, be happy

Last week I interviewed Michael Mosley, who is a self confessed grump, for the Radio Times, about a new series in which he tries to stop being a pessimist and start being a bit more positive. The interview is in the Radio Times this week (cover story actually, she says modestly!) but in case you have inexplicably lost your copy, here are the top tips he gives for all round optimism….
  Dos and Don’ts for a happier mindset, by Dr Michael Mosley

1.                  Do take time to pause for thought. “When you are aware you are having negative thoughts, regrets about the past, or worries about the future, simply  interrupt them. It can simply be a matter of getting up, leaving the thing which is causing the negative thoughts, and walking around.”

2.                  Don’t be self indulgent. “Don’t follow the trend to ‘let it all hang out’, and talk about yourself all the time. A good old fashioned Stiff Upper Lip has its benefits. My grandfather was a prisoner during the war on the River Kwai. He never, ever talked about the experience, and I think there was a certain wisdom in that.”

3.                  Do count your blessings  “Every night, write down three things that have gone well in your day, that day. It will make you feel happier.”

4.                  Do write to someone who has made a big difference to you “Especially if you have never told them so. Write it down, then go and read the letter to them.”

Don’t think everyone is out to get you   “If you see someone in the street and they appear to ignore your friendly wave, it’s probably not because they hate you. They probably just didn’t see you. Shout over to them and say Hi. Go the further inch.”

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