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Our journey begins on the Caledonian Road


“WHERE are you going?” asked the friendly woman on the 17 bus. “Round the world” answered Lucien, 4, excitedly. The woman collapsed with laughter. Well, you would, wouldn’t you? Particularly as we had about 15 bags with us. Hardly travelling light. We nearly didn’t make it to the end of the road. And as for “I am only using hand luggage” – well, that was a great principle. We still have a majority of hand luggage, its just we have a LOT of hand luggage. Read More…

26.2 miles, no worries

Well, not really. Indeed, I’ve been a bit sniffy about blogs in the past. You have to forgive me. I grew up in the era of platform boots the FIRST time round. Anyway, I’ve swapped trendy footgear for trainers right now as I am in the depths of marathon training which is GRIM.. Never, never again, I chant to myself as I speed around the delightful terrain of Islington in the early hours of the morning. Never again.

If you’d like to sponsor me – I’m running for Help the Hospices – please do You can sponsor me on my own   – but frankly I am NOT going to become one of these running obsessives. I’m obsessive about quite a few other things, however. What are those, I hear you all cry…well… being a perfect parent…being a GOOD writer… learning how to play the piano…getting on with my parents…not arguing too much with Mr Millard…the list COULD go on, but won’t as I now have to put my various offspring to bed. Later!