Our journey begins on the Caledonian Road


“WHERE are you going?” asked the friendly woman on the 17 bus. “Round the world” answered Lucien, 4, excitedly. The woman collapsed with laughter. Well, you would, wouldn’t you? Particularly as we had about 15 bags with us. Hardly travelling light. We nearly didn’t make it to the end of the road. And as for “I am only using hand luggage” – well, that was a great principle. We still have a majority of hand luggage, its just we have a LOT of hand luggage.Thank God for the kid’s Trunkie roll on cases. Stops us losing them, although it was a close call at 2 am when we finally arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia. “I went out to find a cab” said the nine year old. Yeah, and gave us heart seizures at the same time. Getting a cab was easy, though. Twenty people waiting? No problem. Run ahead of them in good ol’London style, and nick the first one that turns up. Yes, I was the most hated person at Halifax International Airport that night, but needs must.

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