The Romance of Manchester Airport


Here he is, the lovely Tony Livesey himself, on his eponymous Five Live show at Terminal 2 in Manchester Airport. We’re all sitting with him, that is me, Simon Calder from the Indy and Jeremy Spake from Airport fame.And we are talking about the romance of travel, of being met, of seeing the love of your life at the Arrivals gate and enfolding yourself in his/her arms for a VERY LONG TIME. And Simon Calder won’t have any of it. Airports for him, the Indy’s Travel Guru, are dull, horrid places with strip lighting and too many walkways. But for me, Jezza and Tony, they are places of high drama, of theatre, of human emotion and of course of travel.


Here is a picture of Jeremy, who is adorable and was off to Chicago the next day to do a piece for Russian television, and then the day AFTER that, Uganda. How can Simon say that air travel isn’t magical? When you can be in Manchester, Chicago and Uganda within the space of three days. It was a good show.

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