The sweet sound of practice

Our Indian Self Drive Trip Jan 2011 007

Don’t speak to me about torture!!

Our Indian Self Drive Trip Jan 2011 003

Here I am, delighting the neighbours for HOURS

Hilarious story today in the papers   today about a millionaire “tortured” by the piano playing of a brilliant young student next door and forcing him to restrict his hours of practice. No matter that the student was a finalist in Young Musician of the Year. And at the Royal College of Music.  So not someone who is playing Chopsticks for twelve hours a day. Nevertheless the wealthy neighbour complained so much about the ‘deafening sound’ and repetition of the piano, that the gifted child can now only play for two hours every afternoon. As any parent knows (see above shots of offspring practising) you can’t get good without practice.

Maybe the clue is in the detail of the story however, since a quick look at the background reveals that the row actually began when the musical family objected to the millionaire family’s plans for a basement extension…..didn’t they THINK it through first?


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