The Marathon Anorak.


My beloved Nike shoes. Always run in these, although not exactly the SAME ones. New pair every year. That’s it. No music. No gadgets, although I did add a Garmin this year.

So, thinking about my running year. It usually (but not always) culminates in a marathon. This year I want to do the inaugural Hull Marathon – which goes from the centre of town, out East, back West, to the Humber Bridge and back with a circuit around the legendary KC Stadium, ending beside the William Wilberforce Monument. That’s on September 13. So my training needs to kick off properly in April/May. With a couple of half marathons as a preparation so I can get used to running with crowds. Has to tie in with where I am over the summer obviously. So my thinking is going along the lines of Hackney Half (May, but haven’t entered yet), Humber Bridge Half (June), Indian Queen’s Half (August, in Cornwall). Then add a couple of long runs, some intervals a la Ron Hill -who is a devotee of intervals –  and there you have it. Does anyone else have a better training schedule out there? I can’t cope with a running club, not because I am anti social but because I have four kids who need attention in the evenings. Park runs are a good way of inserting speed training. Any tips very welcome. I want to do better than 2013 Berlin (3.51) and a LOT better than 2014 New York (4.06). Or should I accept that as I get older the marathons are going to get slower. NOOOOOO

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