When getting your children to do as you say is IMPOSSIBLE

Child having just been asked to practise the pianoIt used to be so easy. When one’s children were sitting on your knee, waving their chubby hands. Bit like Prince George. 

Now, however mine have long past the christening gown stage. They are, by turns, stroppy, needy and stubborn. This weekend, one refused to go to ballet. One refused to go to Mandarin. One ditto concerning playing his guitar. These are all things, dear reader, which I only agreed to facilitate (ie pay for) after EXTREME pleading from said child. With promises of practice, and undying enthusiasm. Yesterday the street was greeted to the highly unedifying view of yours truly dragging a child along to ballet. Awful. Today, I sat down ready to hear a piece on – oh I don’t know, some orchestral instrument which I have bought at great cost etc. “Am I in the right seat?” I said indulgently. The child turned a withering look on me. “Frankly I just don’t care,” she said. Didn’t Rhett Butler say the same sort of thing, only a bit ruder?


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One response to “When getting your children to do as you say is IMPOSSIBLE”

  1. josandelson says :

    I went along once to the parenting classes arranged by my son’s school. Sitting there happily and full of smug as the other parents recited at length how their little angels rebelled at everything, I secretly thought they were doing something wrong. My son was 4 and in Reception. Ah, those were the days. 5 years ago. I’m not smug now.

    Mark Twain advised: ‘find out what they want to do, then encourage them to do it’. Sounds like you’ve been down that route so I don’t have a clue. But good luck with the ballet and Mandarin!

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