Living like Elton


I don’t really know if this is a fact,  and nor does the person who told me, but apparently Elton John has peonies throughout his house. All the time. In arrangements like this.Which is a pretty fantastic thing to have, in my mind. These flowers are absolutely gorgeous. And if I was a mega star who had written something like Daniel, I would do exactly the same.

I was given them by the nice people at the Telegraph, having done a photo shoot with them.  The original bouquet from Wild At Heart was too big for one vase. So I put the leaves and smaller flowers into another and left the big showbiz ones for this, my new vase from Boutique Provencale (

Its a glass inner vessel surrounded by rather lovely bent wicker and is one of those things which looks like nothing on the shelf, but as soon as you fill it with flowers  looks fab.

So just for this week, and in one corner of my house ONLY, I feel like I am living like a superstar.

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