Stories from the Squeezed Middle


This is my own small riposte for the online film of a woman taking 15 mins to double park. I am a brilliant double parker. Here is the example of my stellar parking last weekend. Into a tiny slot, first time, never bothered a) the kerb or b) anyone else’s bumper. Of course when I showed this picture to a man, he scoffed and said I had ACRES of space at either end. Fish eye lens, my friend, is my response. It was very very tight.As is money at the moment, which is the focus of my documentary on Radio 4 Monday, May 6. Stories from the Squeezed Middle.

This is not about people on the poverty line, but people who felt quite well off a few years ago and now…don’t. They too have a story to tell, and its an interesting one.  They are having to make choices now between new clothes, and new boilers, or music lessons for their kids and (say) holidays – when a few years ago, they could have had both.

Yet having trailed it a bit on Twitter and written about it in the papers,  its clear this notion REALLY ANNOYS a lot of people, but why? Why should people feel guilty about wanting to have cleaners, and holidays and cars? Plus, the more people go out and spend money, the more likely it is that shops, hairdressers and restaurants stay open.  If they want to prioritise these things in their life, and mourn the fact they can’t afford them any more, it’s not a sin. Is it?

Monday May 6. 11 am. Radio 4. Catch up here


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