Anti snoring device #1 (easy) and #2 (painful)


No, Mr Millard didn’t always snore. But recently…its been a bit noisy chez nous.

So he has tried two things. This is the first. The Good Night Snoring Ring.As you can see, the ring has a little dimple on one side, and a sort of shelf on the other. These are crucial. They are twin acupressure points, in fact. Rather like those car-sickness bands which press key positions on the underside of your wrist (and work brilliantly), the snore ring does the same on your finger.

Did I not mention the finger?

Thirty minutes before slumber time, The Snorer should place the ring at the base of his/her little finger with the gap facing upwards. The dimple should be on the inside of the finger, the shelf on the outside.  The overall effect is that your partner is suddenly wearing a signet ring. Very posh. If you like this Downton effect, great. If you don’t, never mind. Just turn over and go to sleep. You will not be disturbed.  In the morning, the ring comes off. You must not wear it during the day. Who knew? It has a little pouch in which it lives during the hours of daylight. Then it reappears and goes back on the finger.

It works! Actually it really does. I’ve stopped being woken up, furious, at 4am.

Did I mention that he has tried something else? This is Long distance cycling. Last Sunday he did a 110 kilometre race on the South Downs, climaxing in an ascent of the ferocious Ditchling Beacon. Not to be trifled with. Of course all the training for this race, and there will be more to come, has meant Mr Millard is looking a LOT more svelte than of late. Which has had terrific effect on the snoring.

If cycling is just too hearty for you, try the ring.


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