At Glastonbury Aged 9


Alright, maybe I had a sheltered childhood. But it wasn’t until I was about SEVENTEEN that I was allowed to go to an ‘up all night’ party.

‘Staying the night’ was a bit different, and involved teddies, pyjamas and midnight feasts at 8pm. When I was nine.
That’s all done for these days, where the above option is preferred for the below age. This picture shows my daughter, 9, off to a Rock Festival party. You had to dress in Rock Chick garb and engage in the Glastonbury vibe. Complete with tents. All night. Er, I don’t think so. I’m very happy for her to wear a £5 orange wig, not so happy for her to sleep all night in a tent. She had a violin lesson the next morning anyway. I know this reveals more about me than her, but that is how I am.

“I’m picking you up at 11pm,” I told my child-with-attitude.

“I hate you” was the reply.

If you recreate Glastonbury at 9, where do you go from there? Saga cruises for an 18th birthday party?

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