The joys of high fat low carb

Yes, I have just finished the first tranche of the Educogym diet. I’ll be writing it up for the Lady next week, but just to say that after losing nearly 6lbs and 3% body fat I feel amazing.Basically the idea is that you eat zero carbs and loads of fat, cream cheese, walnuts, pine nuts and eggs. And quite a lot of protein (steak, smoked salmon). And you pump iron for about 10 minutes a day. It’s not hard. I know dieting and dieters are boring, and eating disorders dangerous, but I don’t feel in danger of slipping into that area.

Essentially I was SO fed up of being what I think is known in popular culture as ‘skinny fat’ ie you look OK in clothes but with layers of flab… that’s all gone, or at least most of it, and my clothes fit perfectly. I’m in Paris this weekend, so some of my new svelte shape might be lost in the cause of croissants, but back for the finishing touches next week. It’s good. You have to like cream cheese and smoked salmon though because you eat LOADS of it.

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