20 miles is a VERY long way

As Mr M and I discovered on Sunday doing the grim and gruelling Finchley 20 which is basically run by 500 men in singlets. And about 20 women. Twenty miles in four five-mile laps. Was overtaken by the winner when I was only at Mile 12, but came in about 190th with a time of 2’43″. I didn’t care. All I wanted to do was realise my dream of lying down on the wet grass afterwards (this race ends in a muddy field). Mr Millard trailed in some time after me but as he is a Colussus of Journalism having nailed politics with his Dispatches on the lobbying ex-Ministers, we can forgive him for not having trained too much. Now I am completely pooped. There are less polite ways of saying it but not on this blog.

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