Homeward bound much to delight of some


With only three more days to go, no-one can talk of anything else. When are we going to be home, and what we are going to do when we get there? I have already done an online shop at Sainsbury’s, timed perfectly to arrive within about two hours of us touching down at Heathrow. Cheerios, Marmite, Anchor ‘spready’ butter, Cheddar cheese, Darjeeling tea have all been ordered. And – with not a little nostalgia – a box of croissants. Interesting what you miss the most.In ascending order of family seniority here is what is currently of key importance to the Millard Clothiers, after 90 days away from chez nous.

  1. Lucien (4) “Eating food from Sainsburys”
  2. Honey (6) “Seeing Disney (family dog) and not having mosquitos”
  3. Gabriel (9) “Going online”
  4. Phoebe (12) “Having friends over for a sleepover”
  5. Mrs Millard (ageless) “Having long hot bath”
  6. Mr Millard (infinite) “Being in quiet room on  my own without the kids”

This of course is very revealing. We have all been together, in varying degrees of luxury, for too long now. We need to find our own space, whether it be at school, nursery, work or indeed in the bath. The children want to return to the normal round of identifiable food from Sainsburys, no mosquitos, and no fried wasp’s larvae (a local delicacy here in La Reunion), easy access to the internet, and school lessons.

The adults want to have a bit less time with the children and, er, easy access to the internet. Only Mrs Millard, probably, will miss the constant interaction with Les Francais. But hey! yesterday a nice French ‘mec’ (bloke) in a bar likened her to Jane Birkin. And for that, she would willingly spend ANOTHER three months in the French overseas territories. Next stop, Mauritius for a night of seven star luxury and then home sweet home. A bientot.

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